Here are some creepy Canadian poems that I wrote
around the same time as the jokes you'll read in the book.

On top of the Rockies
All snowy and tall
There was a young sasquatch
With no friends at all.

The poor sasquatch was lonely
So he hiked into town
He tried hugging a lady
But then put her down.

The lady was screaming
He started to roar
The townspeople chased him
To the mountain once more.

Six sea serpents were drawn by the snores
of six sleeping sailors camped out on the shore.

Those same six serpents slid onto land
each resting its head by a sailor man.

When the sailors woke up, they had such a fright
“You're it!” sang the serpents and swam out of sight.


Copyright ©2014 Stella Partheniou Grasso. All rights reserved.