Over at the Rink:
A Hockey Counting Book

Stella Partheniou Grasso
Illustrated by Scot Ritchie
ISBN: 978-1-4431-1374-8
32 pages ▪ 9" x 9"  ▪ paperback

Over at the rink
Where the anthem's sung,
The whole town gathered 
For some hockey fun . . .


Who will you meet over at the rink?

One February afternoon the kids and I bundled up to go to swimming lessons at our local community centre but I was running late and couldn't find any parking so I had to park at the back of the building. That's when I discovered this great outdoor rink! I started thinking about all the people that helped to keep the rink going all winter and I decided to write a story about a community of hockey lovers enjoying a beautiful winter day to the local rink. 

Eventually my story turned into a counting poem based on the traditional poem "Over in the Meadow." Scot Ritchie's expressive, humourous illustrations capture the excitement of the day, perfectly complementing the rhyming story. 

Over at the Rink was selected by the Canadian Children's Book Centre as one of their Best Books for Kids and Teens in 2013.


Copyright ©2014 Stella Partheniou Grasso. All rights reserved.