I ride the GO Train to Toronto every day and I often use that time to work on my stories.
One day, while I was editing the story for Five Busy Beavers I made an incredible discovery!

Beavers have built a home for themselves near the Rouge Hill GO Station in Toronto!

The red circle shows where they chopped down some trees. 

The yellow circle shows where the beavers built their dam to flood the pond.

The blue circle shows where they built their lodge.

Step 1: Gather building supplies. 

Beaver teeth need to be very strong to cut through tree stumps. They take it one step at a time, never biting off more than they can chew!


Step 2: Build the dam. 

The beavers use mud and sticks to block the flow of water. It takes a lot of work to make sure there are no leaks.

They need to make sure the pond is deep enough before they start building their lodge so they will usually dig out a temporary home in the muddy bank of the pond when they first start working on the dam.

GO Train passengers have front row seats to  the construction project.


Step 3: Build a lodge.

If the beavers have built a strong dam, the water that should be flowing to Lake Ontario starts to pool in the pond instead. Once the pond is deep enough, the beavers turn their attention to building a lodge and starting a family. 

The lodge has underwater entrances to keep predators out.

What's a beaver's favourite snack?

Wood chips!


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